Principal’s Message

Dear Chief Nation,

As we embark on a new academic year, it is with great honor and enthusiasm that I extend my warmest greetings to each and every member of our proud Miami Carol City Senior High School community. Today marks a significant milestone for me, as it has been one year since I returned to Chief Nation, not merely as an educator but as your principal.

Having been a part of Chief Nation in various roles, from a teacher to the activities director, assistant principal, and now your principal, this journey is deeply personal for me. The roots I’ve established here over the years have grown into a profound connection, and I am excited about the immense potential that lies within our community.

Our school, founded in 1963, has a rich history of excellence, and it is my distinct privilege to lead the charge in reviving the pride that has always been synonymous with Chief Nation. We stand on the shoulders of our past achievements, and together, we shall elevate our programs to new heights.

Our academic offerings have expanded to encompass a diverse range of programs, including the renowned Law Magnet, Criminal Justice (Public Law and Dispatcher Program), and our cutting-edge Automotive Technology Engineering program, in partnership with TESLA and other Electrical Cars. From Digital Design and Information Technology to Personal Financial Literacy, Gaming, Culinary Arts, Cosmetology, and Dual Enrollment opportunities, we have curated a curriculum that caters to the varied interests and aspirations of our students.

Moreover, our list of electives is extensive, spanning Dance, Drama, Chorus, Journalism, Media Production, Band, JROTC, Art, and many more. We take pride in offering enrichment courses, Advanced Placement (AP) options, and a plethora of sports, ensuring that whatever your passion may be, Miami Carol City Senior High School has the resources and support to nurture it.

As the head Chief, I am guided by the principle: “If it’s not good enough for mine, it will never be good enough for yours.” With 30 years of educational experience, I, along with my dedicated administrative team and faculty, aim to set the standard for excellence. Our collective efforts will undoubtedly raise the bar and create an environment where every student can thrive.

In line with our commitment to community engagement, we are proud to continue supporting the 5000 Role Models program, reinforcing our mission to inspire and uplift the next generation of leaders. There is much more in store for the upcoming year, and I am genuinely excited to witness the growth, achievements, and shared moments that will shape our journey together.

“We believe, We can and We Will” Revive the Pride. Let us come together as a united community, embracing challenges and celebrating triumphs with the same fervor that defines Chief Nation. The opportunities at Miami Carol City Senior High School are unlimited and unmatched, and I am confident that, together, we will achieve greatness.

Here’s to a year filled with learning, growth, and success.

With Chief Pride,

Dr. Bridget McKinney, Principal
Miami Carol City Senior High School