Our School

Miami Carol City Senior High School Seal

The Seal of Miami Carol City Senior High School symbolizes its philosophy. The shield is the embodiment of its war against illiteracy. The atomic symbol represents the continuous evolution of academia. The winged shoe represents athleticism. The balance scale represents the stability of them all and the ray of the sun symbolizes the bright future of Miami Carol City Senior High School on the horizon.  

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Scientia ~ Virtute ~ Consilio
Science ~ Virtue ~ Fairness

Alma Mater

Far as the widest reaches,
Great as the sky above,
Bright as the star that glows through the night,
As the sun’s so strong is thy light.
Lead us, Oh Alma Mater,
Down pathways of our youth.
Hail to thee beloved Carol City,
Guardian of all truth.

School Mascot

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Great Chief

Miami Carol City Senior High School
Feeder Pattern Schools and Principals

Carol City Middle School – Mr. Andrija A. Harrison
Lake Stevens Middle School – Ms. Lizette M. Estevez
Myrtle Grove K-8 Center – Ms. Jessica M. Fortich
North County K-8 Center – Ms. Chanda Scott
Barbara Hawkins Elementary School – Dr. Rhonda Y. Williams
Brentwood Elementary School – Ms. Tamika Robinson
Carol City Elementary School – Ms. Donna S. Lee
Dr. Frederica S. Wilson/Skyway Elementary School – Ms. Tiffany C. James
Lake Stevens Elementary School – Mr. Eric L. Wright
Miami Gardens Elementary School – Ms. Kathleen John-Louissaint
North Glade Elementary School – Ms. Judy B. Gonzalez